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All Things Pure Cleanser

All Things Pure Cleanser
3.5 oz.

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What it is

Refreshing facial wash formulated with natural clay to unearth impurities. Contains organic plant extracts to calm and tone. Soap- and sulfate-free.

What it does

Washes away makeup, dirt and dead surface cells. Easily rinses off without any residue. Creamy texture leaves skin feeling smooth, moist and sparkly clean.


Wet skin. Apply All Things Pure Cleanser over face and neck and massage. Rinse off.

Tip: For a richer cleanser, put a very small spatula amount of All Things Pure Moisturizer in your hand. Then pump All Things Cleanser twice into your palm. Gently mix together and apply to moist or dry skin and cleanse as usual.

All Things in it


GLYCERIN: A humectant derived from vegetable oil. Helps skin attract and retain water.

BENTONITE CLAY: Natural clay. Water-washed to optimize purity. In full compliance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Helps absorb dirt and excess oils.

DECYL GLUCOSIDE: Mild cleansing ingredient derived from coconut.

ALOE VERA: Certified organic (by Aloecorp) gel from the aloe plant. Extremely skin calming.

JOJOBA SEED OIL: Certified organic (by the USDA National Organic Program) liquid obtained from desert shrubs. Emollient, lubricating.

GLYCERYL STEARATE: Vegetable-derived emulsifier and skin softener.

SODIUM STEARYL LACTYLATE: Corn-derived. Helps skin absorb and retain water.

LACTOPEROXIDASE AND GLUCOSE OXIDASE: Natural preservative. Antioxidant.

MATRICARIA FLOWER EXTRACT: Certified organic (by the Texas Department of Agriculture) extract obtained from the German chamomilla plant. Comforting and skin purifying.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: Certified organic (by the Texas Department of Agriculture) plant extract. Skin toning.

XANTHAN GUM: Natural thickener produced from sugars.

CITRIC ACID: Vitamin C. Natural preservative. Antioxidant.

The Seal

All Things Pure has the added distinction of being awarded the Natural Products Association Seal.
bright stardull stardull stardull stardull star
I am choosing not to rate this until Pure at Bioelements corrects the pump issue. I read the other reviews. I decided I would deal with the situation by transferring the product into another container. Well, guess what! After a day of having the product turned upside down, it still did not leave the bottle. I then tried to pull it out using the pump apparatus. I was able to get some out after making a mess out of everything because I then had to rub the pump on the lip on the container I was trying to transfer it too. Really! Why have you chosen to ignore your customers who are trying to buy your products? I have used your products for some time now. Recommending it to others has been easy to do up to this point. Pure is a great line which I have been excited to use since I really try to watch what product ingredients are. However, I do have to question your making a potentially good product so very difficult to use.
- (May 7th, 2014)
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bright starbright stardull stardull stardull star
i had this about a year ago. the pump stopped working. i couldn't get the product out. it is a pretty good cleanser otherwise.
- (January 21st, 2014)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 26 – 35

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bright starbright starbright stardull stardull star
I received this cleanser as a Christmas present. The cleanser is great! It feels wonderful on my skin and works well with the moisturizer. However, like other customers, the pump does not work on my cleanser. It makes it very difficult to get any product out of the container
- (December 27th, 2013)
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bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
I was very impressed with this cleanser. To be honest I worried that this wouldn't work as well because it is all natural, but boy was a wrong! My skin feels amazing. I wash my face more often now just to use it! Thank you for making such amazing products. Perfect for my combination skin!
- (December 19th, 2013)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 51 – 64

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bright starbright starbright stardull stardull star
Love bioelements!!! Truly wanted to try this line but with all the remarks about the pump until it gets a make over guess I'm gone to wait:(
- (October 20th, 2013)
Skin Type: Very Dry/Dry
Age: 51 – 64

Recommend this to a friend?: No
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