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All Things Pure Products

What does the NPA Seal mean?
This seal helps consumers identify products that have met the standard set of guidelines based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability to qualify them as being truly natural products. The NPA is the nation's largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry, and the process of receiving their Seal is both grueling and stringent.
Do your products contain synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes?

We do not use synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes in any of our products, and never will. Every aroma you smell comes from 100% natural essential oils that are used in the products for their beneficial properties. Their amazing aromas are a bonus. And the way we see it, artificial colorants serve no purpose in skin care products and actually cause harm. When you use an All Things Pure product, you're putting 100% natural ingredients on your face – not dye or perfume.

Does Bioelements test on animals?
We are all animal lovers at Bioelements. Animal testing is not, nor has it ever been, part of Bioelements' product development, ingredient formulation or production.
Is it safe to use All Things Pure products when I am pregnant or nursing?
Our All Things Pure Line is certainly safe for pregnant/nursing women as there's nothing in these products that should over-stimulate - but as always, if you have questions you can check with your doctor if you are not sure, as every pregnancy is different.
Why do you package some of your products in glass instead of plastic like some other manufacturers?
Since its launch in 1991, Bioelements has used glass to package nearly all of its products. It's a natural choice for planet sustainability and it ensures the integrity and safety of our formulas. And that's a belief we've never compromised. Its inertness and impermeability makes glass one of the safest, healthiest packaging materials available. In fact, glass is the only packaging material to be categorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS). Glass meets the highest environmental standards possible. Made strictly of naturally occurring ingredients, it can be recycled limitlessly -- never losing its quality or purity. From creation to recycling, the material's lifestyle is environmentally responsible (preserving raw material, reducing energy consumption, and lessening greenhouse emissions on a major scale).


Bioelements packages over 80% of its products in glass. The other 20% are packaged in materials that are necessary for specific product performance and stability. For the past seventeen years, Bioelements has strongly believed in responsibly producing its products. We proudly continue to lead the industry with our standards of safety and purity. Account

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